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Monday - Friday






4:00pm-6:00 pm

(For boarding pickups/dropoffs only)


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It's a dog's world at Planet Canine!

Before attending doggie daycare or overnight care all dogs must pass an evaluation to assure that they are both dog and people friendly.  Evaluations are by appointment only.  It is important for the health and safety of all concerned that the dogs DO NOT have aggressive tendencies, show excessive shyness, food or toy possessive, or overly protective of territory, or stressed easily in new situations.

English Bulldog Dogs smiling with their bodies are buried with leaves Dogs walking on the grass Dog sitting on the grass with its tongue out

We'll let your dog play

during the day and then

cuddle up and snooze  

the night away. We'll make

your dog comfortable

with cozy bedding.

We are a premier

doggie daycare providing

your four-legged canine

family members with a

place to call home

when you are away.

We use all natural

shampoos and conditioners

to pamper your pet and

replenish the natural

moisture balance of the

skin and coat.